Code and Art: An introduction with Composer/Artist Erik Natanael

Date/Time: Friday, November 19, 2021 at 10:00 – 17:30The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Cork, T23 DT67

Price: €50.00 (includes lunch) 

Description: Introduction to computer coding for complete beginners. Participants will learn the basics and core values of Javascript and be given the opportunity to create their own visual art works during a Code Visuals Hackathon. While the workshop is aimed at beginners, advanced coders are also welcome, with more detailed templates provided. The workshop will end with a discussion on the nature of software and the digital, and what it means for art.

Requirements: Participants need to bring a laptop on which they can
experiment with the code. Only a modern browser is required to be
installed. It is recommended, but not necessary, to install a text
editor suitable for code, such as VisualStudio Code, Emacs, Vim, Atom,
Sublime Text 2, Notepad++ or similar. No previous programming skills
required. More advanced hackathon templates will be available for those
with previous programming experience.

Biography: Erik Natanael is a coder/musician/artist/composer based in Stockholm, Sweden. As a research engineer in software art at the Royal Institute of Technology he has produced public visual and sound based artworks related to software and its inner workings. Erik has built several digital musical instruments, among them the neod, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition from the University of Gothenburg and a Master of Arts in Art and Technology from the University of Limerick.

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