Nicolas Collins: Hacking Workshop

The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel St, Shandon, Cork. Saturday 24th of June 10am-6pm includes lunch and evening meal. €50 You will learn to make: Victorian Oscillator Radio Cracklebox Contact mike, coil pickup, tape head, other experimental mikes Poorman’s Cracklebox/amp Places limited. book at You will need to bring 1 A portable, battery-powered radio or boombox, with appropriate batteries.  Make sure it works! It should be cheap enough that you won’t be too angry if it never works again.  The AM band is more important than FM, but it doesn’t matter if the radio picks up both.  It should have analog tuning (i.e., a dial) rather than digital presets or scan buttons. Larger radios are easier to work with than tiny ones, and older ones always sound better than new ones.  It should have a built-in speaker, not just a headphone jack.  And most importantly: IT MUST BE BATTERY POWERED!  Beware: an alarm clock radio with a built-in “backup battery” is not suitable, since it requires AC power to function as a radio. 2 One or more raw loudspeakers of any size BUT BIGGER IS BETTER (just the speaker, not 3 enclosed in a cabinet/box) 3 Two nine-volt batteries. 4 A soldering iron (lightweight, fine point). 5 Hand tools (diagonal cutters, wire strippers, a knife, etc.). 6 A pair of headphones is useful. 7 Optional: a small battery operated amplifier, such as the mini-guitar amplifiers by Marshall/Fender, etc. Learn how to transform your old electronics into new musical instruments with Nicolas Collins from the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 2004 Nicolas Collins has travelled the world with his Hardware Hacking Workshops, showing people with no technical abilities how to transform their old electronics into shiny new instruments. In this workshop you will learn about “circuit bending”, making oscillations and transitors. Transform your old speaker into a Victorian Synthesiser and that radio you never use anymore into a custom made “Cracklebox”, a unique noise making device used by electronic bands such as ‘Mouse on Mars’ and ‘Coil’. The workshop will take place over the course of one eight-hour workshop on Saturday, 24th of June and includes lunch and evening meal. It is essential that participants bring a few items, including a raw speaker, plus a portable radio to hack. Radios must be portable battery operated. Please make sure they work. If you have any queries about the materials needed, please do not hesitate to contact Mick O’Shea About Nicolas Collins: Nicolas is Chair of the Sound department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Music Journal and author of Handmade Electronic Music.   2bdoclLichunfoodIMG_5222