_These Liquid Brinks comprises a selection of sculpture, projection, audio and text works borne of Caroline Doolin’s ongoing interest in the area known as Doggerland. This land, which formerly connected the east coast of Britain to mainland Europe, now lies submerged beneath the North Sea.

The works in the exhibition harness various modes and models of transformation pertaining to this particular site. These metamorphic activities vary from techniques employed by Birmingham-based marine archaeologists, to those which the artist proposes herself, to shifts encountered by current inhabitants of the eastern British coastline.

Since 2009, Doolin has explored the area by remote and less remote means, meeting with its contemporary explorers and neighbours en route. As this landscape shifts so too do the means by which it is engaged, thus sparking correlations between processes of Mesolithic shamanism, skeuomorphism and 3D mapping.

Homo Sapiens Project will be projected in The Guesthouse, Shandon, Cork City, over four full afternoons, October 16th-19th. This dazzling outpouring of cinematic creativity is the 'laboratory' of Rashidi's acclaimed experimental film work.

A new CD / booklet featuring poetry and sound by Paul Kane and Katie O'Looney.

Presented as a special fold out booklet printed on uncoated paper stock, hand numbered edition with an audio CD mounted into the back cover. The folding booklet contains poetry and notes by American poet Paul Kane. He has published five volumes of poems including Work Life (2007) and A Slant Of Light (2008) as well as eight other books of various kinds. The audio CD features readings of the poems by Paul Kane and music by Irish improviser Katie O'Looney. The music plays off the poems in various ways: it responds to, shapes and at times, leads the text as a parallel creation, partly composed and partly improvised.
The genesis of Seven Catastrophes in Four Movements was a poetry reading in Périgord in the south of France where Katie and I met up. We spoke casually about doing something together at some point but soon thereafter Katie came up with a serious proposal for collaboration. She wanted to do a project centered on the number seven, which, fortuitously,coincided with some reading I had been doing in Catastrophe Theory, which defines seven possible models for how
complex systems fail when pushed too far. Paul Kane, June 2013

The Guesthouse Thurs 5th Sept 7pm

Robert Curgenven spans immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, instrumental harmonics, pipe organ and tone generators through to carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas where he lived for many years. He draws on the physicality of sound - not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which the auditory can shape our perception of space and the flow of time. The Wire surmises that “behind the music lurks such [disparate] presences as Alvin Lucier, King Tubby, Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue.” Over the past ten years Curgenven has performed at festivals and venues across Europe and Australia as well as releasing on labels such as LINE, The Tapeworm and Winds Measure.


Guesthouse on Wednesdays (7-9pm) throughout the Avant: July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st.

Each week, the session will focus on a major essay on conceptual art by Rosalind Krauss, Joseph Kosuth, Benjamin Buchloh and Thierry de Duve.

To sign up, and to receive copies of the texts under discussion, email sarahkatehayden@gmail.com





Welcome to the Guesthouse www.theguesthouse.ie where our artist in residence Shiro Masuyama
from Japan will be on hand to show some of his work. He is also our chef for the day and on the menu is

Teraki Chicken and Takikomi Gohan Rice Balls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takikomi_gohan

His work can be seen here http://shiromasuyama.net/site/News.html

Later New York based Catherine Sikora Saxophonist, composer and free improviser http://www.catherinesikora.com/


Videos by James McCann

Poems by Rachel Warriner and James Cummins

Films by Max Le Cain with Rouzbeh Rashidi and Paul Hegarty

Music by Tom Healy






Thursday 19th of September @ 3.30-5.30pm at the Guest House
We will be starting The Guest House Reading Group on Thursday 19th of September. We will meet at 3.30pm next and from then every week unless other wise stated.

There have been requests for Foucault, Berkeley and Wittgenstein. Please bring books and suggestions and we will see where we go from there.


 Caroline Doolin   Artist in Residence 2013 
 Black Sun     
 Culture Night 2013     
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 Shiro Masuyama   Artist in Residence 
 Black Sun     
 Hiko Umura   Artist in residence 2013 
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