Film Screening curated by Enid Conway 26/01/2018

Film Screening in The Guesthouse Friday 26th Jan 6.30 Curated by Enid Conway Featuring films by Aisling O’Connell-Patrick Ketch-Thomas Spencer

The language of cinema offers a rich visual insight into storytelling.

Cinema uses shots, sequences and scenes to communicate an idea in the same way that written language uses letters, words, sentences and paragraphs. In the broader sense, language is a system of terms, symbols and syntax used to generate and communicate meaning.

Identity through language is formed by the pre-given structures of human linguistics, where ‘the world of words…creates the world of things’. The structures are pre-given, insofar as we are born into a system of rules for understanding, learning and communicating that we are hardwired to adapt to. We use our capacity for language to operate in a visual culture of symbols and signs- to understand our world and ourselves.

Language compels us to think in particular ways: as we submit to the preexisting systems of linguistic rules in order to become functioning members of society and it is through language that society articulates the roles and identities available to the subject. The “Agency vs. Structure” debate describes “Structure” as the recurrent patterned arrangements which influence or limit the choices and opportunities available, and “Agency” as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

As much of our understanding, learning and communication processes are influenced by storytelling and the presence of narratives-, we begin to understand ourselves as a story. How much of our inner story is in conflict with the one we project outwardly?

Society conjures roles we must adhere to and, at the same time, the way in which we must understand them. This influences how we understand our own identity. Using film as a tool for investigation into the self is using a visual language to investigate ‘The Story’. We can address and undermine systems of understanding to gain a closer insight into a broader range of experiences, and, into ourselves.