The Guesthouse residency programme is open to:

  • Visual Artists
  • Film-makers
  • Sound Artists
  • Composers
  • Artistic and/or Scientific Researchers
  • Collaborative Groups
  • Curators
  • Food Artists

The Guesthouse residency exists to facilitate and encourage:

  • Innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Collaboration
  • Cross-disciplinary Exchange
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The House

The Guesthouse is located in the historical Shandon area of Cork city. The building is a flexible and shared space that is designed to be adapted for different activities and  initiatives:

  • Top floor – a private living and working space for our artist in residence

  • Second floor – a shared maker’s space and resident artist’s kitchen

  • First floor – a performance and exhibition space

  • Ground floor – a dining room and kitchen


The Guesthouse Project hosts both public and InHouse events on a regular basis that feature local, national and international artists. 

The kitchen is a hub for gathering and we encourage artists and enthusiastic cooks to take on the Guesthouse apron and participate in cooking.

Events give the InHouse artists community and visiting artists an opportunity to socialise and present their work to a diverse audience.

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